eighteen it/he/she
5w4 541 intj RLEOI virgo

lesbian aroace flux
white nonhuman

about me

i am not sure what to say here but basically i am a huuuge nerd who spends a lot of time on my own. i’m autistic (self-dx seeking prof-dx). i hold pantheistic beliefs. i am a bibliophile & cinephile (and unashamed gatekeeper lel :p)

i can find it hard to interact cuz of lots of reasons sorry but i will interact more if i feel you are trustworthy & our interests are fairly aligned. pls be patient!

my specific interests change frequently however i do have a couple of very long lasting special interests but i usually keep those to myself cuz i am a bit shy (nervous emoji)

for hobbies i like to read, study religious, philosophical theories, talk to my friends, learn about conspiracy theories (not the mukbang asmr type lel) and write music... though not so much of the latter lately. i love canines and bears and orangutans extremely very very very much ★

if you are interested, you can infer the games, anime, manga, and films i enjoy if you look at my extended list



this is me.

i am an angel in human flesh and i work hard to strengthen the qualities weakened by my mortality


doubles are not preferred.

ryo asuka
kaworu nagisa
light yagami

donnie darko
mikoto kayano

omori/omori comics
devilman crybaby

donnie darko

please read very important extended list


before you follow

・i am inactive frequently
・interests ≠ beliefs
・i am kins > friends
・i do not care for discourse
・i may softblock cuz of paranoia

please use /j /nm /srs /gen

don’t follow if

・basic dni criteria
・named christine
・only 'kin for fun'
・often nsfw
・support cancel culture
・you will be pushy


dm me your name, how you found me, and why you want to follow me ^__^